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What if all your potential was truly being realized?

Your organization has problems it is trying to solve.

And you don’t need more money or headcount to solve them.

Instead, let’s Unlock & Amplify™ the potential and talent you already have to get the results you need. With twenty years of experience in award-winning talent and leadership development programs, we have the expertise to help you unlock that potential and amplify your value.

Keynote Speaker

High-energy, interaction, that one stage dive. Rick Lozano combines his expertise in leadership and talent development with his natural abilities as a musician/singer/songwriter to connect with audiences in a way few keynote speakers do.

Engage Your Audience

Leadership Development

All too often, the focus goes to executive leaders. But your organization depends on leaders at every level of the organization! Let’s help your emerging, front-line, and director-level leaders create engagement and results by giving them the tools, insights, and skills they need to thrive.

Focus Leadership Talent

Team Development

Every team has the potential for greatness, but so many don’t get to realize it. Let’s create teams that utilize everyone’s talents to the fullest! Teams that collaborate, innovate, and make work a great place to be, filled with people who energize us rather than drain us.

Build Team Cohesion

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In their words…

I was blown away by his energy, ability to get the audience involved, and message during the presentation – and I know others were too! I would highly recommend Rick for any corporate Keynote presentation!! Rick Lozano is INCREDIBLE

Olivia Sekerak, Rev.io

Rick Lozano is world class, training guru, keynote speaker,musician and wonderful person rolled into one. I can honestly say Rick has profoundly shaped my career…

Liz Jurewicz, WP Engine

In my 25+ years experience working in corporate settings, I can honestly say that Rick is one of the top coaches and facilitators I have had the pleasure of working with.

Debbie Talley, Rackspace

His stage presence and blend of rock with L&D content helped form the training professional I have become today!

Ron Smith, Kent State University