You don’t own learning, you can enable it

And do a great job with world-class facilitation skills, logical strategy and simple insight.

From facilitation skills to comprehensive training strategy, we can help.

Let’s Do It!
  • Practical, low-cost, relevant learning solutions.

  • Develop world-class facilitation skills.

  • Industry-leading expertise.

  • Streamlined solutions that work.

Training has a bad name

And do you know why? Because so much of it is irrelevant, out of touch, and simply boring. Sorry to break it to you. (and this is coming from a trainer)

Your organization needs people who solve problems, get stuff done, and are great at their jobs. And they’ll get there, sooner or later, with or without L & D. We have to up our game to become the vital resource we know we can be.

Let’s become that trusted advisor who produces results and makes it simple for people to get what they need it, when they need it, how they want to consume it.

More and more training is being delivered online via virtual classrooms. But a great live trainer can’t just pop online and be successful because the landscape is entirely different. We can give you the facilitation skills required to be successful online.

Zoom has changed the game for virtual training. Let’s give you the skills and best practices to make your Zoom sessions rock!

In the business world, subject matter experts are frequently called on to train others. And, frequently, they leave a pile of burning ashes behind them. Why? Because training and facilitating are totally different skill sets. (and quite different from each other, at that) Being an expert at one ‘thing’ doesn’t mean you will be effective at training others.

We can help.  We’ll start with a foundation of adult learning concepts and build on it with essential facilitation skills. From there, we’ll focus on advanced facilitation techniques that are universally applicable and proven to make your training sessions more valuable.. Depending on your needs, we’ll discuss instructional design, blended learning approaches, and you’ll have at your disposal one of the best facilitators in the entire learning and development industry!

Rick Lozano is an expert in talent and learning development. With twenty years under his belt in award-winning learning organizations, Rick has been helping people create world-class learning experiences across the world. He has been delivering top-rated sessions at talent development conferences for almost a decade, he is a content provider to multiple industry magazines, and he is a creative, energetic, fun person to have help you develop your programs.



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