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Your organization depends on leaders at ALL levels!

With or without a title.

Wouldn’t it make sense to have great ones?

Let Us Help!
  • Is your leadership talent inconsistent and/or ineffective?

  • Do you lack a cohesive leadership development strategy?

  • Are your emerging leaders set up for success?

  • Are you struggling to lead across the new global landscape?

Leadership Solutions

Your emerging and frontline leaders should be set up to not only succeed, but thrive. We can help cultivate leaders who inspire, motivate, produce results, and don’t suck to work for. With over twenty years of experience in award-winning leadership and talent development programs, we can help you build your leadership capability with a variety of solutions to fit your needs. Additionally, many of our offerings are delivered remote via Zoom videoconferencing, saving your team money on travel and scheduling.

Lots of people talk about ‘managing change’, and often when they say that what they really mean is ‘surviving change’. Rather than survive, let’s thrive! We can help your leaders create a plan for navigating change that is proactive, emotionally intelligent, and utilizes people’s strengths to help move the entire process forward.

Dispersed teams. Work from home talent. Global teams who don’t sit in – or have – a physical office space. Working virtually across multiple geographies, time zones, and cultural landscapes is becoming more and more common these days and many leaders worry about how to lead and manage in this new space. Not to worry, we draw on a wealth of experience working in and leading virtual teams and we can help. Great teams exist digitally these day, but they require a new skill set – digital leadership.

Leadership, with or without a title, is about influence. It is about trust. It is a balance of driving results and engagement. We have multiple models that can help influence behavior, find the right leadership style and approach, and help create a leadership culture that resonates.

Giving (and receiving) Feedback. Managing performance. Coaching. Emotional Intelligence. Effective managers have a strong foundation of the skills that impact people every day. We don’t just give you the information, we build those skills through real-life problem solving and application.

With a background in award-winning leadership development programs, we work with you to tailor cohort-based programs according to your business needs. Based on your values, your expectations, your people, we’ll work together to prepare your leaders for the next step.

So called ‘soft skills’ are anything but that! And leaders with a solid foundation in communication, presentation skills, strengths-based leadership, interaction intelligence and similar skills will always have a leg up. Talent and drive are great, but without these skills the road up is much longer. Let’s talk to discuss your population’s needs.


“It was the best class I’ve taken in 9 years… He maximized every moment and every learning opportunity for 2 days and I am eternally grateful for everything he taught me.

Erin , HEB

Rick, not only was the class good, I was amazed at how well it was put together over Zoom! It was better than most in-person trainings I’ve been to. We were able to work in groups as well as get individual help. You are a pro.

James, Attendee, Leading Virtual Teams

This was the best session I’ve ever attended at ATD! So many ideas, my brain is buzzing.

Attendee - ATD Intenational Conference, Your Content Goes Here

This class was incredibly well delivered. Rick took the time to not only introduce the model, but made sure it resonated with each of us and our own unique style



01. Let’s talk about your needs.

02. We’ll draft a proposal

03. Let’s change the world.