Team Development

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That next-level team, the one that outperforms and outpaces.

The team that solves problems quicker, gets shit done, and feels great to be a part of.

Doesn’t that sound good?

Let’s Build It!
  • Do your teams communicate and collaborate the way they should?

  • Are you utilizing the talent on your teams effectively?

  • Are your teams engaging in conflict that helps or hurts?

  • Are your teams behaving like a team?

Team Solutions

Teambuilding is one thing, teamwork is another. Let’s create the conditions for your team to bring their best work to your company every day. Where the teams are more cohesive, communicative, supportive, and inspiring to be on. The best teams make everyone better. Let’s build that team.

There are lots of groups of people who work together. And then there are high-performing teams who produce better results, operate more cohesively, and get there sooner. The difference? A choice.

A choice to be a real team and focus on teamwork. It doesn’t automatically happen and it isn’t always easy, but in this highly interactive, team-focused session, your team will identify what it takes to truly create a winning team. Trust, accountability, communication, we’ll explore all the areas where your team excels and areas of dysfunction that have to be addressed in order to reach your team’s full potential. In a dynamic, safe, fun setting we will have the conversations and agree upon actions that will take your team to their next level of potential.

We recommend this session for any team that truly wants to do the work to be great.

People and teams who work in their area of Strength do better, plain and simple. Using CliftonStrengths and a certified Strengths Mentor, we’ll walk your team through their unique Strengths profile we’ll unlock the potential your team has for greatness and amplify the unique awesomeness every single member brings. We’ll focus on utilizing people’s unique Strengths to collaborate, thrive through change, and build trust and cohesion. And in doing so, increase results and effectiveness!

New products, new solutions, new ideas and the next big breakthrough. Your business needs all of them! Innovation is essential for success in the new work landscape. And your teams have the potential to innovate but not always the time, focus, and skills required to do so. In this engaging, fun, interactive session, we’ll introduce a framework for developing creative perspectives, unique ways to solve problems, define what creativity and innovation really are, and solve business problems in real time. And have fun along the way!

Let’s spend time with your team competing, solving problems, having fun, building trust, learning about each other, and building teamwork. We are experts in team building and can customize a solution right for any team. From 1/2 day to two day session, we’ve got you covered. But we won’t do that “I fall and you catch me” thing. Unless you want to. And then, no, we still won’t do it.

Teams with an inspiring mission, role and responsibility clarity, shared values, and operating agreements are better set up for success than those without. Let’s help your team in the forming and norming stages get to results quicker by taking time to mapping out the strategy and behaviors that will lead your team to success.


Your Building Winning Teams session was beyond valuable. You deftly navigated tough conversations, created a safe place for us to talk, and every single person told me how much they enjoyed the session. Great job!

Lauren, Rackspace


01. Let’s talk about your needs.

02. We’ll draft a proposal

03. Let’s change the world.